Slimple Ingredients...

Slimple™ unique approach combines ingredients formulated to deliver appetite suppression, increase fat burning and decreased fat absorption into one capsule taken twice a day a half-hour before meal time.

This is accomplished through a proprietary blend of herbs that have traditionally been used throughout the world for centuries. Many cultures have utilized a number of these ingredients in the belief that they provide healing and nutritious properties for perceived ailments.

Below is a comprehensive list of ingredients found in Slimple™. Click on each ingredient to learn about each and how it benefits your body's natural fat burning process.

Cassia Nomame

Slimple™ with MaCoca™ breaks the cycle of yo-yo diets and fads that promise quick weight loss but only deliver at best a temporary fix and may actually endanger one's health. Up till now, the public has been inundated with all kinds of weight-loss gimmicks ranging from tainted pills to exercise equipment that collects dust under the bed. In truth, the only successful weight loss program with long term benefits entails a comprehensive approach that permanently changes HOW we eat not just WHAT we eat. Slimple™ interacts with two key biological attributes: the mind and the body. A successful weight loss program must address the needs of both.