"Lose Weight & Quit Smoking Press Release"

The World's Only Quit Smoking and Weight Loss Vaporizer

HOLLYWOOD, FL—MB Innovations LLC is making huge waves with the Quit Smoking and Weight Loss Industries. They have developed the very first CE4 Slimple, with MaCoca (Decocanized Coca Leaf Extract), Non Toxic Vaporizer. This very unique, All Natural, No Nicotine, No Tar Vaporizer will replace your cravings for food and nicotine and will change your life.

MB Innovations LLC is proud to introduce to the world a new type of vapor technology which harnesses the awesome properties of its proprietary blend: MaCoca™. The CE4 Slimple™ Vaporizer brings to you the next generation of portable vaporizers which will help you lose weight, feel great and help you quit smoking!

This amazing smokeless device is the most advanced and effective technique of electronic vaporizing on the market today. The CE4 Slimple™ Vaporizer allows you to discover the true essence of the herbal formula Slimple™ with MaCoca™. Derived from the coca plant, MaCoca™ is a de-cocainized coca leaf extract which is all natural and is the secret to this revolutionary new product. Studies show that MaCoca™ can help reduce your appetite and subdue cravings; MaCoca™ is one of the industry’s best kept secrets… until now.

The CE4 Slimple™ Vaporizer with MaCoca™ provides you access to a portable vaporizer that is small in size and non-toxic so you can take with you everywhere to stop cravings fast! No tar, no nicotine just a smooth, clean all natural herbal formula to be enjoyed anytime, anywhere.

Statistics show that smoking causes about one in every five deaths in the United States each year. That’s more than 480,000 deaths annually in the United States alone and over 5 million deaths per year worldwide. In addition more than one-third of U.S. adults are obese. The common trend is to replace smoking with food to satisfy cravings. While studies also show that an average person who quits smoking can gain 11-22 pounds in body weight after 12 months of abstinence, the CE4 Slimple™ Vaporizer with MaCoca™ can help change these statics and in a healthy way.

Rich Gelso, the company’s founder says “It’s such a blessing to know we can try to save lives. Whether you are looking to just quit smoking, lose weight or both, this vaporizer can help you”.

MB Innovations LLC is also be introducing the revolutionary Nicotine Free Slimple™ with MaCoca™ Zero Crave Vapor Liquid™ which is vaporized in a colloidal form that will kill hunger cravings almost instantly.  With one puff you can control your hunger in a safe and fun way.  Keep it in your desk, purse or any where you can fit a pen.

Because Zero Craves E-Juice™ is made with all natural MaCoca™; it will boost your energy and enhance your mood. In addition, you will improve your stamina, strength and energy level.

The Zero Craves Vaporizer™ Kit sells for $69.95 and includes a charger and E-Juice. The replacement Zero Craves E-  Juice™ sells for $39.95. Both a small price to pay for a better, healthier lifestyle.

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