"Celebs Quit Smoking & Lose Weight the Slimple™ Way"

Vaporizer in the PressCelebrities have discovered “It’s Slimple” to quit smoking and lose weight with the Slimple electronic vaporizer with MaCoca™. The first ever portable vaporizers with no nicotine which can help anyone quit smoking and lose weight fast!

Slimple Vaporizer

(Press Release) - May 22, 2014 - HOLLYWOOD -- Every time a smoker chooses to use a Slimple electronic vaporizer with MaCoca™ rather than lighting a tobacco cigarette, he is also choosing not to pollute his lungs or the surrounding air. That can only be good news. In the United States, tobacco use is responsible for nearly 1 in 5 deaths; this equals about 480,000 deaths each year, another 50,000 non-smokers die yearly from second-hand smoke. In spite of this many celebrities and models feared that if they stopped smoking they would put on weight and have gone to great lengths to cover up the fact they are a smoker. In spite of this cameras have caught many celebrity secret smokers.

Why all the secrecy? "It's so taboo," says Antonia Russo, a Manhattan image consultant who specializes in advising performing artists. “Not only does the habit work against Hollywood's health conscious image, she says, but it's counterintuitive to being a role model. There's definitely a concept of people who smoke just don't care about themselves or they're socially irresponsible," she says. “As a role model, you wouldn't want to be a part of that”. This is just one of the reasons the Slimple Vaporizer with MaCoca™ has caught on and is the latest rage in Hollywood right now. Rather than packing on the pounds when you attempt to stop smoking this revolutionary new electronic vaporizer not only controls your hunger fast but help you lose weight when you quit smoking. Celebrities love the fact that the Slimple Vaporizer with MaCoca™ is all natural and contains no nicotine.

The patented, clinically-proven, all-natural ingredient MaCoca™ is exclusive to Slimple and cannot be found in any other herbal weight loss supplements. MaCoca™, a proprietary blend that is derived from a decocainized Coca Leaf is an ingredient shared by only a handful of companies in the world, Coca Cola being one of the select few. Claimed to be the “best kept secret in the world” Slimple is the only weight loss product that contains MaCoca™.

People who have discovered the Slimple Vaporizer with MaCoca™ have not only eliminated the foul odors left by tobacco smoking but have noticed a significant reduction in the number of carcinogens and toxic chemicals inhaled all while creating a cleaner and safer environment for the non-smokers around them. Unlike other appetite suppressants on the market Slimple is rich in nutrition and literally replaces the vitamins and minerals that are contained in a well- balanced meal without a trace of caffeine.

MB Innovations LLC introduced the world to this new type of vapor technology to save lives. Smoking is a leading cause of heart disease and strokes in America and second hand smoke can even trigger a heart attack. The benefits of being a non-smoker are well documented, and include a reduced risk of fatal diseases, better general health, improved sense of taste and smell and just having more money.  E cigarettes are currently a billion dollar industry. Anticipated to revolutionize the wellness world MB Innovations will be offering business opportunities for affiliates to sell all the Slimple products with MaCoca™ independently as well as in Kiosks across the country.