About MaCoca

MaCoca™ Breaks New Ground with Cocaine Leaves (Decocainized)

One of MaCoca's™ eight key ingredients is derived from the spent cocaine leaves. This legal and 100% natural herbal extract has been used by South American natives in oxygen-starved high altitude locations for centuries. To this day, cocaine leaves are chewed to boost energy, intake highly nutritional properties and provide a sense of well-being. MaCoca™ triggers a message to the brain that turns off the hunger mechanism. The brain responds by releasing endorphins that floods you with a profound feeling of satisfaction and fullness. It is a naturally occurring appetite suppressant and energy booster not found in other natural supplements.

MaCoca consists of a proprietary blend of eight ingredients: Maca Root, Decocainized Cocaine Leaf Extract ( Erythroxylum Cocaine), Annatto Leaf Powder, Green tea Leaf Powder, Lotus Leaf Extract, Guggul (gum extract) Citrus Bioflavanoids (orange Peel) and Glycomaropeptide.

The main ingredient in MaCoca™ is derived from the Cocaine leaf plant. It was first cultivated in Huanca Prieto in northern Peru by the indigenous people of the Andes Mountains more than four thousand years ago. A high altitude plant, it can be found in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela. Traditionally, the Cocaine leaf, when consumed in its raw form, has been used for a number of its medicinal and nutritional benefits ranging from alleviation of hunger, and dehydration, to combating fatigue and as an antidote to altitude sickness.

According to various studies, Cocaine in its natural form is believed to be highly nutritious. One study, published by Harvard University in 1975 indicated that the nutritional value of 100 grams of the Cocaine Leaf contains enough nutrition to satisfy the dietetic needs of an adult for an entire 24- hour period. Its nutrition properties include calcium, proteins, vitamins A and E. when taken in its natural form, it is used as a mild stimulant similar to caffeinated coffee. Cocaine Leaf extract provides the thermogenic properties associated with caffeine but without experiencing such negative side effects such as the jitters or a phenomenon called "crashing". It is also believed to be a benefit to the digestion and improve the metabolism while providing renewed energy and strength.

MaCoca™, a unique herbal weight loss formula designed to influence how you eat. If you choose to continue eating the food you love, you will simply eat less of it. This is because the ingredients contained in MaCoca™ send a signal to the brain that deactivates the hunger trigger. The signal is transmitted through naturally occurring proteins that tell the brain that the body has consumed enough food. The brain then releases a peptide known as CCK- a protein released after eating that gives you a feeling of satiety and a sense of well being. This sense of well-being and fullness will take effect thirty minutes after you take MaCoca.