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5 Tips for Focusing

5 Tips to Help You Focus

Focus TipsIf you have trouble focusing, you are not alone. The brain is taking in a ton of information all of the time, and it can be overwhelming. Here are five tips to help you maintain your focus.

Use One Screen on the Computer

Most people have several screens open on the computer and toggle between them. This effect can keep your brain from becoming centered on just one task. Instead, open one window at a time as you work or browse web pages.

Get Fresh Air

Even just a few minutes of fresh air can be helpful. You get the opportunity to focus on a flower, for example, and quiet your brain. Enjoy nature as you take a short stroll.

Practice Positive Self-Talk

Use your self-talk to guide yourself through a lengthy task or stick to the project at hand. Say phrases like “I will get through this” or “This is easier than other things I have gone through before.”

Make Boring Tasks More Interesting

By increasing the mental stimulation of a boring task, you can stay more focused on it. For example, put on music in the background or vary the activity to make it more interesting to you.

Reduce Distractions

When you remove distractions, you can focus more clearly on the relevant cues. Put away the smartphone, for example, while you are reading an email. You will then respond more quickly to the cues and be more accurate in your responses too.

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