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5 Top Motivation Blogs

Use These 5 Blogs to Unleash Your Motivation

Motivational BlogsLet’s face it, we all have those moments when we need a bit of a spark in our day. A great way to put that all-important drive back into your day is to read through motivational blogs.

Looking through the posts on these blogs can make you smile, provide you with some much-needed support, and give you useful tips to incorporate into your day. While most of these bloggers have jobs and families outside of writing, they still take the time to provide us uplifting tips, and we so appreciate that!

Here are 5 of our favorite blogs to help you unleash your motivation:

Pick The Brain – A great site all about self-improvement is Pick the Brain. Click on the word “motivation” at the top menu and see the latest posts right there. Titles include, “5 Steps to Following Your Heart” and “5 Principles for Pummeling Procrastination.”

LifeDev – As blogger Glen Stansberry tells us on the About page, creating ideas can be easy but turning those ideas into finished projects is more difficult. That is why LifeDev provides resources to help creative people create and gives a (good-natured) kick in the pants.

Today Is That Day – With blog posts categorized into Mind, Heath / Fitness, Spirit and Money / Prosperity, there is much to read here! Jump start your personal growth as you read posts such as “5 Simple Methods for Banishing Negative People From Your Life.”

Lifehack – This blog is ultra-popular for it's refreshing mix of lifestyle, communication, money, tech and productivity posts. There is always so much to learn about increasing efficiency and getting results that you want out of life!

Change Your Thoughts – The title speaks for itself! Read the UK's blog posts to learn the latest ways to change your life for the better and be more productive. Yes, there are interesting quizzes to take too, including “What Color is Your Soul.”

When motivation is what you are craving, dive into these suggested 5 blogs and you may just be pleasantly surprised by the results that start to appear in your own life! Let us know your favorite blog in the comments below.

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