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6 Tips to Double Your Energy

Double Your Energy with These Great Tips

Double Your EnergyWhen it comes to mid-afternoon at work, and you can barely keep your eyes open, you know you need something more than coffee to get you through the last few hours of your shift. Here are useful tips to double your energy, so you increase your productivity and enjoy the moment more.

1. Have Water Instead of Coffee

Rather than reaching for another cup of coffee when you feel tired, try drinking a glass of ice cold water instead. It will give you the boost your body and mind need. If you have a water bottle at your desk, fill it with water and pop in some ice cubes to keep it cool. You will have less caffeine in your system too, which is great as you will likely calm down easier when you are off work later.

2. Avoid White Foods

If you eat white bread or pastries, it is probably best to stop that during the work day. Those foods, traditionally white in color, are full of refined carbs or sugars. They may provide you with a temporary energy but then there is a crash in your blood sugar later that leaves you feeling sluggish. Instead, choose unrefined carbs when you feel hungry. Foods with unrefined carbs have fiber and overall more nutrition than white foods. They are better at regulating your blood sugars too.

3. Eat Every 3 Hours

To double your energy, eat every 3 hours to keep your blood sugar levels high. Start with breakfast and then eat according to the 3-hour rule after that. Do not snack outside of those times as it will mess up the schedule, and you will likely crave more food than if you stuck to the eating timeline. When it is time for a snack, reach for a high-protein one that fills you up longer.

4. Eat Unrefined Grains and Plants

Have you ever noticed that you feel tired after a big lunch at work that consists of a steak and mashed potato? Avoid the sleepy feeling by choosing meals that are full of unrefined grains and plants. These foods fill you up without being heavy or leaving you stuffed and lacking energy. Whole wheat and brown rice are great choices. Also, drink plenty of water to fill you up and keep yourself hydrated.

5. Protein in Your Meals

Double your energy, and keep it throughout the day, by incorporating 30g of protein at the minimum into your meals. The protein will stabilize your blood sugar levels. Add in vegetables for nutrition and to help keep your unhealthy food cravings away too. At a minimum, have 30g of protein with your breakfast for an energetic start to your day.

6. Try MaCoca Energy & Focus Vapor System

The MaCoca Vapor System™ provides a quick, clean and long lasting energy.  MaCoca is a source of energy which is superior to coffee and other highly caffeinated energy products without side effects, like jitters and insomnia. Read more about the MaCoca Energy & Focus Vapor System.

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