Coloring isn’t just for the kids anymore. Today there are many adult coloring books available at bookstores, and they’re selling fast for the therapeutic benefits they provide people.

Simple and Therapeutic

Adult Coloring Books for Stress ReliefArt Heals

While art isn’t a magic solution to health problems, it certainly can make coping with difficult situations easier. The power of art therapy has been a focus of studies for years now and illustrates that art has a way of providing people with cancer, and other diseases, an effective method of self-expression.

For example, a 2006 study found that mindfulness art therapy lowered physical and emotional distress symptoms in women with cancer. Other researchers have noted that art provides a means of comfort and can also encourage people to continue to pursue therapy.

In addition to art therapy being helpful for cancer patients, additional research has cited the creative outlet as benefiting people with anxiety, PTSD, depression, dementia and other ailments.

Coloring Books as Therapeutic Tools

While there is debate as to whether adult coloring is art therapy or not, it is clear that coloring does have therapeutic power. For example, coloring in the adult books can improve a person’s focus. This point would be particularly true for someone who is fidgeting and has trouble paying attention during class.

Coloring can help improve focus because it is similar to meditation in that it relaxes the mind. A person can switch off his or her overactive mind and concentrate on the present moment. The coloring activity is monotonous, which is why it produces this neurological response.

Also, colorists can ignore any negative thoughts because the mind is instead focusing on picking colors and shading inside of lines and shapes on the adult coloring book pages. The negative thoughts replace with positive ones.

The nation-wide trend of adult coloring books appears to be a good one health-wise as coloring has a calming effect, turning down highly emotional responses like anxiety. Try a book out for yourself and you might find yourself enjoying the therapeutic benefits of coloring.

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