Have you heard of “vaping”? Vaping refers to the use of a vaporizer. It is not smoking but instead provides a way for an adult smoker to continue to enjoy their nicotine fix at a lower risk. There is no tar, second-hand smoke and it is healthier than smoking cigarettes.

A Safer Alternative

Benefits of VapingHow Does Vaping Work?

The e-cigarettes or vaporizers contain a liquid with a nicotine base. The device has a battery, heating element, and cartridge. The users inhale the vaporized liquid, hoping to wean themselves from it over time.

What are the Benefits of Vaping?

There are several advantages of switching from traditional cigarettes to e-cigs. Obviously, it is a healthier choice. E-cigs have no tobacco, no smoke, no tar, and no carbon monoxide. Numerous studies link smoking traditional cigarettes with lung cancer, throat cancer, pneumonia, stroke, and heart attack.

E-cigarettes have much fewer chemicals than traditional cigarettes too. E-cigs have only five chemicals while the traditional variety of cigarettes has about 5,000! Did we mention that electronic smoking is cheaper than the traditional variety? It is.

Also, people who are vaping say in online testimonials that they have more stamina and efficiency than before they made the switch. Many users of e-cigs say they feel better physically after switching over to the electronic method.

Socializing and Vaping

There are also social benefits to vaping. For example, traditional cigarettes can dampen your dating life as it is rare for a nonsmoker to date a smoker long term. Plus, smoking may negatively affect your job search if employers look critically at your use of traditional cigarettes.

With e-cigarettes, many people explain that they can still enjoy smoking and get the nicotine they crave without using such an unhealthy, expensive and obtrusive traditional method. It looks like vaping might be a trend that will last longer than some folks had envisioned.

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