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Boost Energy with Red Light

Red Lights May Improve Energy

Red Light May Improve EnergyWe all have that time of day when we would love to have more energy. At the end of the regular work day, you have things in life that need to get done, but your energy level is low. The sun going down can be an energy zapper, or maybe after a big meal during the day. There are ways to boost your energy and one of the easiest could be red lights. It can have a good effect on your energy level without having to do anything physical.

Studies show that red light exposure, (five minutes), can reduce the brain wave activity that causes sleepiness. Consider how helpful that could be to your day, a little extra energy to keep your day moving on, all from red light. Blue light shows some reduction in the same brain wave activity, but according to researchers the difference was not significant enough to make a noticeable difference.

Something about the color red seems to have this effect on the brainwaves. It appears to increase the brains receptiveness to outside stimuli and when your brain is more receptive it is more focused and alert. This effect of red light on the brain could potentially mean a lot to many people who feel that need to improve their energy level.

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