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Energy from the Outdoors

Get Your Share of Outdoor Energy

When you feel tired or weighed down by stress, it can be tough to get out of the slump. This is the perfect time to head outdoors for some natural energy!

Benefits of OutdoorsResearch shows that spending more time in nature can energize the body. People feel more alive when in the natural outdoors, according to the results of five studies recently published in the Journal of Environmental Psychology. These positive effects are beyond what you might expect from exercising outside or social interactions there.

Rather than reaching for your next cup of coffee to vitalize you, the studies point to heading out into the fresh air instead. The research conclusions show not only that people feel more energetic in natural settings but that they are more resilient to diseases. This may provide evidence in favor of natural settings for health remedies.

In two of the studies, researchers tracked participants’ energy levels throughout the day in diary entries, over a two-week or four-day period. In a third experiment, students were asked to imagine themselves in various active and sedentary settings. The studies found that participants felt more energy when they were in natural settings, whether those settings were real or imagined. The subjective energy soared in many of the participants when they were outdoors in mind or body.

Perhaps the reasoning for these conclusions is that people feel a connection to living things, including plants. As nature is something humans need to prosper, it makes sense that seeking out close relations to these living things will energize us.

Easy ways to integrate nature into your life can include being close to windows and having indoor plants. Taking a walk in fresh air, even if just for ten minutes, can also do wonders for your day! The presence of nature is truly invigorating, as research appears to show us!

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