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Feng Shui Your Bedroom

How to Feng Shui Your Bedroom

Feng Shui BedroomBy applying the principles of feng shui to your bedroom, you can improve your ability to relax there, with harmonious and sensual vibes. Here is how to set up your bedroom in feng shui style.

Bed Placement

Put your bed such that you can get into it from either side, rather than having one side against a wall. To balance the energy, put a side table at each side of it.

Also, avoid putting your bed in a position that gives you a direct view of the door. If you are in direct line to the door, the result can be feelings of stress and tension.

Type of Mattress

A sturdy mattress is best and make sure that it is above the floor rather than directly on top of the floor. A raised bed allows for positive energy to flow beneath you as you lay on it.

Remove Electronics

Take out all TVs, computers and exercise equipment from the bedroom. You are only there to relax. The electronics could potentially zap your energy.

Window Dressings

Hang heavy curtains from your bedroom window for a feng shui experience. It will create a solid sensation. Also, avoid putting your bed right under a window as that can drain your energy. Instead, opt for a solid wall behind your bed.

Color Choices

Use calming colors so that you can relax as much as possible while in your bedroom. Excellent choices include white, cream, beige, tan and brown.

Types of Lighting

Harsh lighting will make you feel uptight and rigid. Instead, put in dimmer switches so that you can take your lighting down to a soft glow as you get ready to sleep at night. You can customize the light to your liking. As well, candles that don’t contain toxins are great to add as they have a soft, soothing glow and won’t pollute the air.

Apply the above feng shui principles to create a relaxing bedroom environment that is full of positive energy. Let us know if these tips work for you in the comments below.

Feng Shui Bedroom Videos



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