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How Hemp is Grown

Learning more about how hemp grows can help you appreciate it more as a user of the products. Hemp or Cannabis sativa L. is a herbaceous plant that can grow anywhere from four feet to fifteen feet high, with a diameter up to three-quarters of an inch.

About the Hemp Plant

How Hemp is GrownThe inner layer of the plant is called the pith; it is surrounded by a wood-like substance known as hurds. The outer layer is the tissue that experiences growth; it develops into the hurds and outside fibers.

The stem has more or fewer branches, depending on how thick the crop is done. The denser the area, the fewer the branches. As for the leaves, each one of them has 7-11 leaflets.

Growing Industrial Hemp

Many kinds of soil can be used by farmers to grow industrial hemp. Generally, soil with a pH of six or higher is preferable, along with containing quality nutrients and having plenty of moisture. Hemp will not do well when there flooding occurs and soil gets compact.

For the hemp seed to grow uniformly and quickly, the soil preparation must include creating a firm seedbed and placing the seeds within two inches of the soil surface.

Regarding nutrition, twice the amount of nutrients must be available to the hemp crop at the start as at the end harvest. Within the first two months, the intake of nitrogen is most significant, and potassium is necessary for forming the seeds and the flowering phase.

When to be Seeding

The weather and soil conditions will tell you when to be seeding, instead of it being in a certain month. Generally, a hemp seed germinates within the first two days, and when moisture levels are good, combining with warm weather, the plant starts to show above soil within about one week.

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