The infinite power of motivation is what gets your engines going. It is what drives you to go the extra mile to make the impossible possible. But what if motivation eludes you?  How can you spark the fire towards success? Below are three questions to ask yourself to propel you from stagnation to motivation.

Tips on How to Get Motivated

How to Get Motivated#1 - What Inspires You?

This could be anything from your children to your parents, or even someone that you look up to. Whatever you need to think of to get you moving is what you should focus on.

#2 - What Are Some of The Successes You Have Had in the Past?

No matter what your ego may tell you, there has been a time in your life when you have succeeded. Think about those times. Remember the good feelings you had when you accomplished your goal.

#3 - What Are the Rewards of Your Success?

If you succeed, will you have more money in your pocket? Will you be able to take that dream vacation you always wanted to take? What about moving out of that crappy apartment? Keeping the rewards of your hard work in mind will help you keep a positive mindset and motivate you to kick butt!

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