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Improve The Mood Of Those Around You

Make Life Easier By Positively Priming Others

Positively Priming OthersHaving a positive attitude with the people around you can help you to have a better overall experience in your day to day life. Positive reinforcement is a very important thing in helping people become accomplished individuals. By creating a positive atmosphere for others you are also creating a positive atmosphere for yourself, giving you more energy and a higher capability for success in working towards your goals. Whether you are running a household or a corporation, introducing positivity into your environment can have a significant impact.

If you are skeptical about how impactful positivity from you can be in someone else’s life just take a look at these two studies that have surprising and impressive results when individuals receive support and positive priming. Even a Harvard Study of men showed that the men who had supportive and loving mothers in their lives made on average $70,000 more per year 25 years after graduation. When you have a supportive system around you it will help you to have more confidence as well as make you adjust your behavior in order to help meet the expectations of others. Proof of this is evident in an Israeli military experiment in which soldiers were randomly rated as average performance, high performance, and yet to be determined performance. Those soldiers that were ranked high performance actually rose to the top of the class. These are only a few examples of the great power of positivity in someone else’s life.

Another way that positive priming of others can be beneficial for you is to positively re-frame a situation, especially one that you may be meeting with some resistance from another party. For example, many families have fights nightly on getting children to eat their vegetables, sometimes turning into hours long battles of wills. Instead of having stress involved with a child that just will not eat their peas, change the situation around by telling them how beneficial peas are for them, but in terms that they understand. For example you could say: “You know that if you eat your peas, you will grow up big and strong like Batman.” This will change the child’s mindset and make them more eager to eat their vegetables, even if they don’t particularly like the taste.

With positive priming and re-framing you can help others in your life to succeed and make your life much easier. You are able to increase the performance of others and their motivation by using positive priming. Find out the true potential that your family or the members of your corporation have, by subtly making them adjust their behavior due to your supportive and positive nature.

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