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Increase Productivity with a Nap

Energize on the Job with a Nap

Napping on the JobWhile you probably thought napping on the job is a bad thing, it turns out that may not be true. At least that is what one sleep expert is saying.

Phoenix-based psychologist Michael Breus explains that napping during the day is a good way to catch up on sleep if you have not had enough time at night. Getting more sleep by having a nap in the middle of the afternoon, the expert recently said to KTAR News, may “be highly effective in improving that overall level of productivity.”

How long is this recommended nap? About 20 or 25 minutes in length, said Breus, who represents the Valley Sleep Center. Upon waking from the nap, a person feels energized, having fulfilled the motivation to sleep.

Of course, the sleep expert does recommend getting approval for the nap during office hours before taking it; said approval would ideally be obtained from management. To back up your argument and be more likely to get that approval, try explaining to the manager what are the benefits of napping on the job.

For example, having a mid-day nap can leave you feeling more alert, instead of groggy, even if it is only for ten minutes. As well, sleep in the afternoon can increase your ability to focus on paperwork or other work-related projects, enhance creativity and improve your willpower. Giving your mind, a break from the stresses of the day is a positive thing.

Therefore, you will perform better overall and have high, sustained energy if your manager approves your job with a nap proposal. When you do not get enough sleep at night, the nap provides an amazing solution, particularly in the workaholic environment that seems to be growing in our society.

And, with that said, it is time to catch a few z’s. Come on, you know you want to try it too! Let us know if you have ever took a nap on the job in the comments below.

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