Relaxation techniques that involve progressively tensing and relaxing muscles are known as progressive muscle relaxation techniques. Several scripts for these exercises are available on CDs, online audios, or by learning the scripts yourself to achieve relaxation. Moving from tense to relaxed muscles can effectively loosen your muscles.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation Techniques

Muscle Relaxation TechniquesTo start the progressive muscle relaxation technique find a comfortable position for your body; either sitting, standing or lying down. You can move during the exercise if you feel you can find a more comfortable position.

Start by relaxing the large muscles of your legs. Tighten all the muscles in your leg and then tighten them even more. Hold the tension, squeezing the muscles, and then tighten moreā€¦ Keep the tension high and hold it for a few minutes.

Then let the tension go. Let your leg muscles go relaxed and limp. Notice how this feels, and how it differs from when your leg muscles were tense. Relish in how good relaxing the muscles feels.

Focus on your breath, having slow, continuous breaths. Breathe in relaxation and breathe out tension. Breathe in, hold, breathe out and hold.

Next, move to another area of your body, such as the muscles in your arms. Repeat the process you did with the legs of tensing the muscles, more and more, and then relax your arm muscles fully after that.

Once the technique of progressive muscle relaxation is complete, you are more likely to feel at ease and calmer than beforehand. You will begin to be more aware of muscle tension and physical signs of stress when you do these techniques more often.

Both your mind and body relax when you practice these particular exercises. Lower stress and embrace calmness into your life, starting today. Aside from progressive muscle relaxation, other types of relaxation exercises include autogenic relaxation, visualization, yoga, massage, deep breathing and meditation.

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Progressive Muscle Relaxation

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