When you can’t get to sleep at night, or when your sleep quality is poor, the next day can be a rough one. You feel groggy, irritable and tired. While it can be tempting to take medications to improve your sleep, natural remedies are helpful for improving the quality of your zzz’s.

Natural Ways to Get to Sleep

Natural Remedies for InsomniaSupport Your Body’s Natural Tempos

When you are in sync with your body’s natural cycle of sleep/wake, then you are able to get a better sleep at night. Having a schedule and being consistent with it is a great way to achieve quality sleep.

Support the natural tempos of your body by going to bed at the same time every night and waking at the same time in the morning. For bedtime, choose an hour when you typically start to feel tired.

When you get enough sleep, you will wake up naturally at the same hour every morning. If you depend on an alarm clock to wake you in the morning, then you might want to head to bed at an earlier time at night.

Pay Attention to Your Exposure to Light

Your sleep-wake cycle is affected by melatonin, a hormone that naturally occurs in the body. When it is dark, your body secretes more melatonin than when it is light out. So, when you are on computer screens and bright LED TVs at night, your body alters its melatonin production, and that can throw off your sleep-wake cycle.

Control your light exposure by avoiding well-lit devices within two hours of when you go to bed. While the light of the screens can keep you up longer than you want to be, the blue light many electronic devices emit can generate even more of a negative impact. When it’s time for slumber, make sure your room is dark.

Also, avoid TV and opt instead for an audio book. If you get up during the night, try to avoid putting on bright lights and instead use a small flashlight that is more dimly lit.

In addition, be active and exercise regularly to improve your sleep quality naturally. Cut down on your caffeine intake too as it can impact how well you sleep for up to 12 hours after you consume it!

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