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Quitting Smoking: What Happens to Your Body

There’s a good reason most people have trouble quitting smoking. Nicotine, which is in traditional cigarettes, is very addictive. Unfortunately, you might not realize that until you try to quit puffing. The psychological dependence of cigs has likely already taken hold of your body by this point. Quitting smoking entails psychical and psychological symptoms, including trouble relaxing.

Getting Off Nicotine: Physical Withdrawal

Quitting Smoking: What Happens to Your BodyYou will likely feel physical pain as you undergo the process of quitting smoking. The reason is that nicotine is starting to leave your body, which is so used to having it.

The severity of the physical withdrawal symptoms varies from person to person, with heavy cigarette users tending to have more issues. Symptoms your body experiences typically include headaches, feeling tired, dizziness, increase in hunger and coughing.

Psychological Withdrawal When Quitting Smoking

You are likely also to experience mental anguish as you stop smoking. Your brain is addicted to nicotine and has formed a strong attachment to the pleasure you feel when you smoke a cigarette. Thus, your body experiences mental disturbances when you quit smoking.

You may experience mood swings, for example, perhaps feeling irritable or anxious due to the fatigue of your body. The cravings are likely the most difficult symptom to overcome because your brain is insisting you need another cigarette. You also may find it hard to maintain concentration for long times as you are quitting smoking.

While you likely will experience pain we outline above, it will not last forever. The physical and mental symptoms are actually signs that your body is healing from its nicotine dependence. To keep yourself motivated as you strive to quit smoking, remind yourself why you wanted to quit in the first place.

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