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Refocus with Brain Breaks

Brain Breaks that Work

Brain BreaksTaking breaks is good for the brain! It is true, whether you are a student, teacher, employee, employer or simply engaged in an activity for an extended period. Take a brain break every half hour to stay mentally refreshed. Here are brain breaks that are proven to work; each one takes only one to two minutes.

Waving Hands Exercise

This one seems simple but takes time to master! Stand up and wave your right hand in front of you, from right to left, with your palm away from you and your fingers pointing up.

Next, stop your right hand and have your left hand in front of you. Wave your left hand just as you did the right one.

Now, practice moving both hands at the same time. Do not move them diagonally.

Then, switch so that your left hand moves up and down while your right hand moves from right to left.

Thumb War

Remember this as a kid? This one is great for students. You will need a partner for this brain break.

Lock fingers together with another person and then alternately tap with your thumbs as you both say, “One, two, three, four I declare a thumb war.” Then start the war.

The first person to pin the other’s thumb down for three seconds so they can’t move it is the winner.

Pen Flipping Challenge

Stand up, grab a pen and flip it one revolution.

Now, flip the pen one revolution with your other hand.

Next, grab a pen for each hand and flip them both at the same time.

Want to make it even harder? If so, try throwing the pens up in the air and catch them with opposing hands. It is more difficult than it sounds!

These brain break exercises are great for helping you regain focus!

Brain Break Videos


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