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Relax with Five Fingers

Get Anxiety Relief with Five Finger Relaxation

Are you looking for a new relaxation technique? The five finger method may be just what you need to help lower your anxiety levels. For students, in particular, the method can be useful if you freeze in the middle of an exam because it reduces the amount of adrenaline pumping through your body and helps you clear your mind.

Five Finger ExerciseBegin by sitting in a comfy position and resting your hands in your lap. Close your eyes. Take a few deep relaxing breaths.
Using your right or left hand (it doesn’t matter which one you choose), lift your thumb and gently put it on your index finger. Let your mind wander back to a time when you felt a healthy sense of fatigue, like after you ran a race or finished an exhilarating workout.

Put your thumb on your middle finger. Now think of a time when you felt loved, whether it was a hug, romantic experience or close conversation. Continue with the deep breathing.

Touch your thumb next to your ring finger. Go back mentally to a time when you received a nice compliment. Accept it now and realize that by doing so you are giving a high level of respect to the person who said the kind words to you.

Lastly, touch your thumb to your little finger. Let your mind drift back to the most spectacular place you have ever visited. Stay there a while and enjoy the beauty.

The five finger exercise takes about ten minutes. Ideally, hold each movement for two to three minutes.

The technique can strengthen your inner feeling of peace and help center you when you feel anxious. You may also find that the focused, guided technique increases your self-confidence. To vary the five finger method, you can add relaxing music as a backdrop.

Five Finger Relaxation Videos


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