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Relaxing While You’re On the Clock

You may feel like you are tense and anxious at work, which is not a comfortable situation. Plus, when you feel stressed at work, it can start to affect your personal life too. Here are ways to relax while you’re at work by using these techniques.

Reducing Stress While at Work

Ease Your Tense Muscles

Relaxing While You’re On the ClockSmooth muscle tension by consciously deciding to release those muscles. Otherwise, if you continually have tense muscles, you will feel tired. When you look at your computer screen, relieve your head and neck tension by pretending a helium balloon is above your head and drawing it upward; gently pull up your head and neck into that position, rather than being forward and down.

Noise Help

Sometimes noises can dampen your ability to relax. At work, those noises could range from a barking dog outside to a sniffling coworker who has a cold. Find relief for the noise pollution by wearing noise-cancelling earplugs, but only do so if it is allowed by your supervisor and is not a safety concern at work.

Plan Your Calm State of Mind

Create a plan to identify the conflicts in your life and prioritize them. You will learn to better understand the troubles in your life and stay calm in your mind, thereby being more relaxed while you’re on the clock. For example, write down every thought in your mind to help calm yourself because you will acknowledge their existence by doing so.

Control What You Can

Another tip for relaxing at work is to control what you can to ease some anxiety. For example, you may want to spend 10 minutes a day clearing clutter from your desk or prioritizing your to-do list in the morning.

Enjoy Your Breaks

Break away from the computer screen and the endless stream of emails by going for regular breaks. Every few hours, get up and go for a walk outside, enjoying nature, which can help you to relax.

If you are suffering from intense anxiety, keep in mind that you don’t have to overcome everything yourself. It may be that therapy is the best option for you if your anxiety is at an extreme level. Also, try to keep things at work in check, remembering that the world is not going to end if you do not complete a project.


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How To Relax At Work

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