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Relaxing with Music

How to Relax with Music

Relaxing with MusicRelaxation is so important to a health and well-being and I am sure most of you know music is also very helpful in helping the mind, body and soul not only relax but maintain a calm state. You don’t have to listen to old classical music to put yourself in a relaxing state, the important thing to remember is you listen to music that you enjoy and that calms you personally. What works for one person to help maintain calmness might get another person’s heart rate all wild; find what works best for you.

Rhythm and Relaxing

The key to using music in relaxation techniques is the rhythm, each of the different beats in a song can help to create various mental and emotional states in the body, this goes hand in hand with relaxation. If you are new to relaxing with music try to pick a rhythm that is slow to start with, some people have suggested beginning with the reggae genre first, but you can choose whichever appeals to you most. Second, find a comfortable spot that will be quiet and free from distractions. Get comfortable either sitting or lying in whatever position is most comfortable for you and close your eyes, put your head phones on, turn up the volume and breathe. Here is a good place to insert breathing techniques or even meditation techniques to help your entire body enter the relaxation state.

So, now you know how to begin your relaxation process with music, but you might be asking why you need to set aside time to “relax,” don’t you do that while vegging out in front of the TV after work? Well, yes and no, your mind is still focusing on the screen and the surroundings in your home, you are not truly relaxed. True relaxation is not just a body state, it is a mental and emotional state as well. By practicing relaxation techniques regularly you can help reduce stress, reduce illness, fight off anxiety and depression, increase the happy hormones and so many other issues simply by taking a few minutes each day and practicing your relaxation techniques. So, go on get your favorite tunes, favorite comfy chair. Sit back, close your eyes, and practice a few relaxation techniques with music today.

Do you relax using music. Let us know your favorite songs to relax to in the comments below.

Relaxing Music Videos


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