Kids aren’t the only ones who get to play games. In the workplace, games can help relieve stress like headaches and back pain. A bonus benefit is that they can boost morale in the office and bring co-workers closer together in team exercises. Here are some ideas for stress relief games for your place of work:

Top Stress Relief Games

Stress Relief GamesNinja Game

This game can is not only fun but can really help take your mind off of stressful situations. If you have ever wanted to disappear suddenly, now you can! The object is to disappear unexpectedly, without anyone finding you in your attempt to do so.

You could be walking down a hallway with a co-worker and then suddenly vanish out of side door. The first person to pull of a “ninja” move twice undetected wins!

Group Joke Session

When it’s a dismal day, gather together everyone in the office and share laughter to lighten the mood. One person starts the session by telling a joke, which is then easily followed by another person doing the same.
Telling jokes are great because the laughter they prompt is contagious, spreading throughout the workplace. Find great jokes online, in books, or by asking your friends and family for their best ones.

Two Truths and a Lie

This game is an amusing one for the office as it brings laughter with it and helps co-workers learn more about one another too. One employee begins by saying two truthful statements about himself or herself, as well as one false statement.

Do not identify which is the false statement; instead, the co-workers must pick out the lie. It is fun for the employee who gives the three statements to learn what their co-workers think is true or false while the others learn more about this person’s interests and experiences.

Other stress relief games for the office include board games, puzzles, virtual games, and playing cards.

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Stress Relief Games