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Tips on Switching to Vaping

You may have tried to stop smoking and, if so, you are likely nodding as we say: “It’s not easy to quit.” While the first assumption may be that nicotine is addictive, and that is why it is so hard to quit, the reality may be instead that monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs) lower dopamine levels in the releasing nicotine. Also, did you know there are about 600 additives in cigarettes that make them addictive? So, there are many reasons why cigarettes are addictive, with nicotine being only one factor.

Filtering Out Traditional Cigarettes

Tips on Switching to VapingTo make the transition to a smoke-free lifestyle easier, many people are turning to vaping. It is a harm-reduction tool that can be effective at helping you move in the right direction. While it may be easier for some people than others, e-cigarettes are certainly an option.

Make a Mental Switch

Set your sights on quitting smoking and don’t let anything sidetrack you from this goal.

Don’t Hold Yourself to a Certain Nicotine Level

There are different nicotine levels available for e-cigarettes, and you don’t need to feel overwhelmed with your vaping setup. Instead, choose a level to start and see how you do on it; if it doesn’t stop your cravings, then you will need to boost the level a bit. Some people new to vaping explain that they do well with 18mg, while others may require a higher amount.

Experiment with Flavors

When you stop smoking traditional cigarettes, your body will start to adjust to a heightened sense of taste and smell. Enjoy these changes as you switch to vaping by trying different flavors of e-juice. You might like the fruity varieties or the tobacco flavors that mimic raw leaf tobacco.

What some e-cig users find is that one month they love a flavor and the next month less so. For this reason, switch up the flavors regularly to help you stick with the vaping process as you try to quit smoking.

While vaping, like anything is not risk-free, the research does show that it is less harmful than smoking traditional cigarettes. Now you can work towards a smoke-free life by using these tips to switch to vaping successfully.

Tips on Switching to Vaping Videos


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