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Top Ten Bull Riders

Top Ten Bull Riders You Need to Know Today

Bull RidersIn bull riding, there is fierce competition. Here are the top ten bull riders you need to know (and admire) today:

Matt Triplett – At the age of 23, Triplett currently sits in the top spot in the PBR standings. This is his fourth year in competition, and he has a notable average ride score of 85.65, spread over 73 rides.

Joao Ricardo Vieira – Vieira takes second place in the PBR top ten bull riders. This rider’s points total 1825, and the percentage ridden is at 55.26%. At 30 years old, this is Vieira’s third-year eligible.

Silvano Alves – With a percentage ridden of 66.67 percent, 27-year-old Alves sits in third place. Total points for this top ten bull rider is 1498.33. In his seventh year riding, Silvano Alves has quite the career.

J.W. Harris – In fourth place is bull rider J.W. Harris. Points total 1492.5, with the percentage ridden at 41.03. In his impressive ten years bull riding, Harris has had 32 rides over 27 events.

Kaique Pacheco – In the top ten bull riders PBR standings, Pacheco is in fifth position. He is 20 years old, 5’8”, and completed 26 rides in 2015 alone. His ride percentage this year is 54.17.

Reese Cates – Sixth place belongs to Reese Cates, a rider of nine years who has completed an amazing 96 rides over his career thus far. At 26 years old, Cates had two wins this year so far.

Valdiron De Oliveira – In seventh spot on the bull riding top ten chart is De Oliveira, who is nine years into his career at age 35. Of his 17 events in 2015 alone, he has had 28 rides and a 59.57 ride percentage.

Ben Jones – Eighth place belongs to Jones, in his 17th-year bull riding. His long career includes to date 155 events and average ride score of 85.03. He has four wins in 2015 thus far.

Fabiano Vieira – Ninth place is for Fabiano Vieira, who is currently injured and ineligible. He started 2015 strong before the injury with 19 rides, 1025 points, and a 47.5 ride percentage.

Guilherme Marchi – Final place in the PBR top ten bull riders’ standings is Marchi, who has accrued 1005 points this year over 19 rides, and a 45.25 ride percentage, over 14 events.

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