Use Yoga to Energize Right Now

If you are looking for a way to pick up your energy levels, you may want to take up yoga. Yoga moves energy from your core, and you can start learning about it today to feel more alert, confident and ready to take on the day!

For example, the Warrior 3 pose invigorates you from head to toe as you do the postures. Inhale and exhale slowly as you move through this intermediate exercise. It improves your concentration, quiets your mind and stimulates your digestive system too.

Another yoga move to energize you right now is the Tree pose, also called Vrikshasana. It rejuvenates your mind and body, bringing balance to your mental state and improving body balance as you stand on one leg. After regularly completing the pose, you will find your mind calmed and that your mind-body connection is stronger.

When you practice the Half Moon pose or a variation of it, you will note that it strengthens your thighs, calves, back and abdomen. It relieves mental stress too, as well as mental fatigue. Thus, your mind is ready to take on new challenges and alleviate ailments such as backaches.

While yoga is primarily known for its calming benefits, it really can energize you from head to toe. By taking deep breaths in every yoga pose you do, whether it is the ones mentioned above or other ones, you increase your alertness. You will notice a boost to your physical energy levels.

As well, by moving quickly from one pose to another, running through about eight moves three times during your routine, you will find yourself energized and ready for what the day brings! Leave time to cool down for at least five minutes at the end of your yoga routine to slowly bring down your heart rate.

What is your favorite Yoga pose? Let us know in the comments below.