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Vaping is On the Rise

Vaping or using e-cigarettes is becoming more popular, explains recent findings. More people are turning to vaping to help them quit smoking once and for all.

Why the Increase?

Vaping is On the RiseCDC Findings and Use of E-Cigs

Recently the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released findings of smoking and tobacco use. They explained that close to one in ten U.S. adults have tried e-cigarettes at least once; that is about 20.4 million people.

That number is up from about 3.3 percent in 2010 to 8.5 percent in 2013, as per the CDC. There is also an increased awareness of vaping, along with its usage being higher.

Safety of Vaping

Perhaps the reason for vaping being on the rise is that there are more advertising and research being done in this area over recent years. A recent survey by E-Cig Review Site asked people if they thought e-cigarettes was safer than other options for quitting smoking traditional cigarettes. The majority of respondents (about 66 percent) explained that they thought e-cigs were safer for quitting smoking.

Reasons to Explain the Rise of Vaping

A major reason for the vaping rise in popularity has likely been the advertising campaigns directed toward the stop-smoking aid. However, the World Health Organization has not yet backed the cessation program on the grounds that there is not enough scientific research in its favor.

Unlike traditional cigarettes, though, vaping does not appear to contain harmful carcinogens like tar. Instead, e-cigarettes heat chemical solutions to product vapor of nicotine that you can inhale, as well as chemicals such as glycerin.

The harm reduction approach to e-cigs is a big reason more U.S. adults are turning to vaping over traditional smoking. Meanwhile, research continues about the possible benefits of vaping for its users.


E-Cigarettes Could Be Behind Sharp Rise Of Successful Attempts To Quit Smoking

E-Cigarette Use Is On The Rise

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