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New Vaporizer to Lose Weight & Quit Smoking

"Lose Weight & Quit Smoking"

The World's Only Quit Smoking and Weight Loss Vaporizer

HOLLYWOOD, FL—MB Innovations LLC is making huge waves with the Quit Smoking and Weight Loss Industries. They have developed the very first CE4 Slimple, with MaCoca (Decocanized Coca Leaf Extract), Non Toxic Vaporizer. This very unique, All Natural, No Nicotine, No Tar Vaporizer will replace your cravings for food and nicotine and will change your life.

MB Innovations LLC is proud to introduce to the world a new type of vapor technology which harnesses the awesome properties of its proprietary blend: MaCoca™. The CE4 Slimple™ Vaporizer brings to you the next generation of portable vaporizers which will help you lose weight, feel great and help you quit smoking!

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