Bazu Revolutionary Energy Replacement 60 Capsules

BAZU provides quick, clean and long lasting energy.
Jitter-Free Energy
On-the-Go Crave Blocker
No Crash
Fast-Acting Pre-Workout Energy
Price: $59.99

BAZU provides quick, clean and long lasting energy. BAZU is a source of energy which is superior to coffee and other highly caffeinated energy products without side effects, like jitters and insomnia. BAZU is the new, revolutionary energy product that effectively, legally and safely replaces a product that's been off the market for 10 years. BAZU is hours of smooth energy and effective appetite suppression in a capsule! BAZU is the 1st and only energy replacement capsule featuring Macoca expended coca leaf extract. Never has energy been so convenient, long lasting and jetter free. General Statement Announcement: The company MB Innovations, LLC has been out of business since 2017. Some of their products have been liquidated and are being sold. Although many of their products may have expiration dates, I have been assured that the natural products are still safe and may be consumed regardless of the date expired. Thank you.