Lights on Energy Spray

Enhances Your Energy, Focus and Mood. Works In Seconds and Lasts for Hours
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Lights On Energy Spray provides you with a nootropic and dopamine like effect that gives you the energy, focus and mood you desire. It works in seconds and lasts for hours without the crash. Pre-Workout Boost Upbeat Emotional State Improved Cognition Long Lasting & No Crash The science behind this powerful energy spray is what makes it so special. Our cutting-edge technology has allowed us to create a colloidal matrix of B12, niacin and caffeine that can be instantly absorbed with a few sprays under the tongue. ENERGY Proprietary B12 Blend Get ready for fast and productive energy in seconds. This scientific formula contains B12, Caffeine and Niacin blended in very specific amounts. The results are instant and long lasting energy without the crash. So how does it work so fast? It is our colloidal technology that allows ingredients to be absorbed as soon as it hits your mouth. MOOD Dopamine Like Effect Feeling good has never been so easy. With a few sprays you can instantly have a more positive mood and better day. This dopamine like effect comes from our specific ratios of Amino & N-Acetyl L Tyrosine. FOCUS Nootropic Like Effect Turn on the executive functions in your brain. Experience the nootropic like effects of focus, cognition and motivation. The way we blend different forms of B12 and Niacin is the key to achieving this elevated state of mind. *For Adults Ages 18 and Older.

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Ingredients :

Vitamin B12 & Niacin Blend, Amino & Arginine AAKG Blend, Amino & N-Acetyl L Tyrosine Blend, Citrus Aurantium Extract, Caffeine and Glucuronolactone

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